WHAT DOES A.W. STAND FOR?: A Wolf, Amazing Will, Always Working, At Work, A Workaholic, All Women(A Wife & 4 daughters), A Warrior, Altitude Winner, Altruistic Wonder!
WIFE: Trena- Married 26 Years
KIDS: Antoneya, Ava & Andira (Twins), Anisa
BIRTHPLACE: Baltimore, Maryland
CURRENT CITIES: Charlotte, NC, Las Vegas NV, Miami, FL, Baltimore, MD, Tampa, FL, Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, Milwaukee, WI
STRENGTHS: Accountable Leadership! Never comfortable with being comfortable. Failure drives me! Benevolent, altruistic, philanthropic. Rapport, Respect, Relationships, Results! Employee and customer satisfaction! Consistently winning. Always finds the positive in the negative. Thick skin… Short memory! I think outside the box because I have never been in the box! Transparent! Professionally aggressive! Revitalization/turnaround, strategic, loyal, structured, confident, listener, ultimate team player, kind, generous, discerning, strength under control, operates within order, consistently exceeds expectations, committed, runs on high octane jet/NASCAR fuel, passionate, relentless, purposeful, radical with a cause, pursues excellence, humble, driven, dethrones negativity, knows when to cut bait. I do not judged and opt to give second chances.
DEFICIENCIES: Losing keeps me up at night searching for ways to win; A workaholic who is married to his job, worrying about how to impact and serve others., Difficulty understanding why some individuals do not think, care, or are as compassionate as me about certain things, and why some individuals’s work ethic, transparency, and drive are not like mine! Sensitive to other individual’s pains inflicted by ruthless predators…ie, Zahra Baker, Shaniya Davis, Cherica, Saundra, & Chancellor Lee Adams, Tajhir Smith, and the foster kids never adopted.
GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS: A relationship with Jesus Christ! My wife asked me to marry her! 
GREATEST DISAPPOINTMENTS:  I abused innocent individuals who loved me. Convincing myself I had no significant purpose in life such that I did not deserve to live. Causing my kid’s and grand children’s future to be jeopardized due to me being a convicted felon. There are some things a felon is not allowed to be in life…like an auto dealer or major franchisee! I tainted my legacy!
SELF DESCRIPTION: Accountable & Altruistic- Generally concerned about the welfare of others!
FAVORITE MOTTO’S: See it through, 12P’s, Excuses, and Invictus. Friendship is essential to the soul. It is your love for God that will be the source of your love for others. Love in the spirit for our fellow brethren and for all the needy people of the world, or someone that you loved very dearly suffering some terrible tragedy. For in the way you judge, you will be judged!
HOW OTHERS WOULD DESCRIBE ME: A Leader! The Unitarian Humanitarian. Always concerned about the welfare of others; lovingly brings the best performance out of everyone; a humbled man’s man; purposeful warrior, lives to serve others, an extraordinary human; a phenomenal energy with a relentless pursuit to win; an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves; the calm before the storm. Redemption, Humility, and Contrition at it’s ultimate best! Magnetic!
TOMBSTONE INSCRIPTION: “I pray my work speaks for itself. I pray my life experiences convinces many individuals and entities to always put the needs of others first before self! I pray that all who were connected to me are still benefiting from my life services—my legacy!”
FAVORITE BIBLE CHAPTERS: Romans 12, Titus 2, Corinthians 13, 1 John 4:20
FAVORITE PRINCIPLES: Accountability, Benevolence, Altruism, Philanthropy, Redemption, Contrition