STAFF- Corporate Family

FAMILY MANKIND™ / STAFF- Corporate Family

We Are Always Looking To Employ People With Disabilities! So Please Contact Us To See How And Where They Can Best Serve Others With Us!


A.W. Burgess-                   National Executive Director & Founder
Kenya Brown*-                 Executive Assistant To The Director
Sheila Watts*-                  Business Development & Corporate Relations
Noor Idris*-                      Information Technology Services Director
Shannon Tharp*-             Military and Domestic PTSD Director
Martaun Woodley*-          Director of Faith-Based Services
Antoneya Burgess*-         HR Director & Recruiting Services
Trena Burgess*-               Advocacy-Director of Services For People Living With Disabilities
Anisa Burgess*-               Welcoming Committee Director-Smile Ministry 
Sonja Burgess*-               Domestic Violence Survivor Advocacy
Kyle Thomas*-                 1-833-3HOWLER Call Center Manager
Asher Webb*-                   LGBTQ Advocacy and Community Services 
Kylie McDaniel*-             Director of Campus Services
Harry Higgonbon*-         Youth Empowerment Director & Sports Services Coordinator
Karen Charles*-               Staff Attorney/Legal & Policy
Byron Blackmon*-           Offender Prevention Specialist
Bonnie Scoler*-                Comptroller-Accounting & Business Services
Byron “BJ” Jamison*-     Director of Volunteers
Terry Rends*-                  Assessment and Evaluations Coordinator
Stephanie Dorsey*-         Donor Services Specialist
Darius Sanders*-             TeleHealthcare Program Coordinator
Nellie Brown*-                 Offender Prevention Director
Lawrence Flannagan*-    Prevention and Evaluation Specialist
John Amburg*-                Staff Attorney/Legal-Policy
Gary Gardner*-                Animal Rights Advocacy Director
Ronald Kelly*-                 Director of Shelter Services
Juan Ramos*-                  Director of Latinx and Immigration Community Services
Jordan Reynolds*-           Grant Writing & Funding Director
Terrence Smith^-            Training Specialist
June Casper*-                  Staff Attorney & Legal-Policy Director
Erica Montross*-            Training Coordinator
Reginald Cambeck^-       Events & Programs Director
Manny McDaniel*-         Operations Coordinator
Aaron Macgruder*-        Programs Director

 *- Denotes Volunteer

^- Denotes Intern