A.W. BURGESS, THE FAMILY MAN: Solutions To Permanently Eradicate Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, & Bullying, PAPERBACK BOOK

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Author A.W. Burgess shares prolific insights. A self-help manual written by a healed domestic violence offender for batterers, child abusers, and bullies. A.W. Burgess is a nonjudgmental change agent charged to lovingly help and partner with these violent individuals and those whom they have abused to permanently heal them so others will not become victims or victimizers. Family Man is about the systemic making, breaking, and restoration of a domestic violence offender while addressing the impact of child abuse; unhealthy environments children are exposed to that consequentially harm innocent individuals; perpetual cycles of violence and abuse; and the destruction of legacies and the community they reside. The book does not call offenders out, but instead lovingly calls them in to receive behavioral and mental health solutions that will lead to living a more fulfilled life, while reducing recidivism and divorce.

Burgess is the respectful reply to the #Me Too and Time’s Up movements providing solutions to proactively keep abusers fully accountable and aware of their behavior! Burgess requires violent individuals to submit to their ignorance because what they don’t know will hurt others and themselves! Victimizers are in our homes, churches, schools, workplace, hotels, elevators, music concerts, movie theaters, yoga spas, bars, clubs, military bases, etc.

Burgess believes abusers must become accountable to their behavior and take control of their mental health with an aggressive step forward towards a solution or their problems will lead to more significant losses, pain, and more traumatic experiences for ALL mankind! He regrets taking too long to get help for his violent behavior and letting someone know family members were harming him as a child. Ignorance, secrets and silence led to his violence towards others and himself. He paid the price for a crime he never committed as a child and ultimately ended up reciprocating that violence to innocent family members and friends. He’s spending the rest of his life trying to save lives and legacies of victims and victimizers! Burgess hopes and prays that this book becomes a powerful resource that frees any individual struggling with the pain of domestic violence, child abuse, & bullying.

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