We are an abuser and batterers human services company focused on the safety of our community’s most vulnerable and innocent victims and the mental wellness of domestic violence batterers, child abusers, and bullies. When we change the violent offender’s mentality and abusive behavior towards innocent individuals and pets, we change the destination of individual’s lives and legacies. We literally are saving the lives and legacies of generations of victims, victimizers, and the sanctity of family and the communities we reside.

We started an abuser’s accountability movement whereas domestic violence offenders come out of the dark shadows of shame to break the silence, secrets, and cycles of violence against innocent victims! We strengthen and embolden offenders by giving batterers permission to come forward to bring out the secrets residing from within which is making them toxic and eventually going to kill them or possibly others!

We are to domestic violence offenders, child abusers, and bullies, what Alcoholics Anonymous® is to individuals struggling with alcoholism.