Like An Envelope With No Return Address…It Will Not Return To Where It Originated Once It Is Sent Out!

This lifetime Mental and Behavioral Health transitional program is a loving, nonjudgmental, transparent program purposefully designed to respectfully inspire, encourage, and build our returning citizens (RC) with the appropriate coping skills and life strategies and techniques to help them properly deal with the every day person and situations that arise in their daily lives as they transition from incarceration to post-release.  We are mentally beginning the process of preparing our incarcerated residents to effectively be transformed into equitable and mentally well returning citizens.

We realize that while they are residents in our detention centers they are a captive audience with our training, and so the real change and impact will be measured once they step out of the confines and back into the same environments that have led to their demise and communities in which we live and are impacted by their behavior. This is the epicenter of change and transition where the ongoing work begins for Family Mankind. Once they are released, Family Mankind is there for them as Alcoholic’s Anonymous® is there for those struggling with alcoholism. That means Family Mankind as an organization will be there for them, their family, and their community for their lifetime. We will never stop coaching them and encouraging them, their family, and the community they reside.

We begin this lifetime journey with these individuals by speaking life, and not death, into the individuals who are selected to participate in this life altering opportunity! We literally are meeting these individuals where they are mentally, socially, and economically and growing them from there by giving them the reskilling and retooling life lessons and coping techniques that are usually missing from the psyches of these oft broken, insecure, and low esteemed individuals.

We teach our clients how to be proactive versus reactive in our experiences with others so that we experience positive outcomes and never negative consequences that ultimately cost them and us time, money, and the aggravation associated with a temporary loss of freedom due to incarceration. We will dive heavily into the root causes(s) and decision making strategies that are having an overwhelming negative effect causing trauma and drama in most personal and or corporate relationships and most aspects of these individuals. We want to make an impressive and lifetime impact on every resident regardless of being incarcerated or a released returning citizen to permanently reduce their opportunity for recidivism, but our greatest achievement will come in the form of a mentally well and healthy individual living a balanced life focused on individual progression and family stability.