What society, and victims of violence and abuse need is for the batterers and abusers to come out of the shadows of darkness and death of their self-destructive, shameful, vile, reprehensible and despicable behavior and boldly commit to getting a permanent solution to their problems to permanently preserve their own lives and legacies. This mental and behavioral change will ultimately secure the safety and security of victims while preserving hope for any semblance of a family and relationship of any kind with loved ones and friends.  

We require these violent offenders and abusers to stand up and step forward to take accountability for their life! Society will never impact domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying until we impact the domestic violence offender, child abusers, and bullies!

Women and men, children, students, LGBTQ, individuals with disabilities, the elderly, or pet animals should never feel worried that their days are numbered on earth and that they are just buying time before they are seriously harmed or killed by a current spouse, friend, classmate, significant other, former spouse, friend, parent, foster or adopted parent, caretaker or even a pet parent. No woman, man, child, or pet should be endangered or mistreated in any fashion because it is simply inhumane and fundamentally wrong to intimidate, bully, harass or torture anyone or anything.

No surviving victims of violence should ever be silenced. Silence the victimizers and abusers with real proactive coping and life solutions or with stiffer penalties and sentences that will lead to the appropriate rehabilitative mental health solutions and support, so they do not become a habitual abuser and violent offender, recidivist or murderer.