M.A.D.E. “IT”




Artists, Actresses, Actors, Athletes,

Dancers, Directors




“IT”= Violence  “Honey, I promise I will never do “IT” again! Only for “IT’ to hit the repeat cycle! The one guarantee about domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying is that without a proper mental health solution, “IT” is not a matter of if “IT” will happen again, but when “IT” will occur again, again, and again!

The  MADE “IT” Program was designed for the industry of musicians, artists, actresses, actors, athletes, dancers, directors, and entertainers who have taken the stance that they won’t stand for and are fighting for the survivors to stay strong on their journey to freedom and are pulling for the abusers who have decided to come forward to receive mental healthcare to permanently end their violent behavior. These individual influencers have millions upon millions of impressionable people watching their every move and are showing their followers and fans that by taking a stand against domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying you truly care about humanity and saving lives and legacies!

When a person is successful we as a society have always said, “That person made it!” We want to celebrate people who have MADE IT in their chosen professions, but we also want them to have MADE IT in life without the “IT” being violence.