A Message From Our Accountable Leader- A.W. Burgess


A WOLF- An Alpha Male Leading A Pack(Family)


“There was a time when I was a wolf all dressed up for the world and general public to view me as a HERO at work, church, college, and while playing sports, but the harsh reality and truth was, I was a HERO in those places, but a ZERO at home and in personal relationships. I wasn’t an accountable leader deserving of the respect that a wolf commands, but rather, I was a controlling, manipulative, selfish, ignorant, insecure, violent, abusive, bullying, cowardly vampire! I was the ultimate HYPOCRITE!
I received my healing from domestic violence from a community of individuals who lovingly helped me! Had it not been for a caring judge in Hampton, Virginia, an expert prison psychiatrist, many detention center(jail) and prison officials and staff, counselors, social workers, psychologists, therapists, church administrators, fellow returning citizens (more commonly referred to as inmates), caring family and friends, and the almighty God, I would have repeated the cycle of violence that would have ultimately pushed me to suicide or homicide.
When we are physically sick or injured we go to our family physician or the hospital. When we need spiritual healing we go to a faith-based institution. Where does a domestic violence offender, child abuser, or bully go without judgement to get healed permanently from the mental illness that is harming them and others? Who is respectfully offering or inviting them to get healed?
Family Mankind™ will assist these individuals who are traumatizing our most vulnerable in breaking generational cycles of abusers in their family bloodlines. WHY? If Family Mankind™ does not at least try to help them, then who will?
The bottom-line is abusers are not born… they are created. We are ALL born to love and manufactured to hate! Monsters get created through continuous cycles of certain life scenarios where someone is pushing their pain, sickness, abuse, will, and illness onto another innocent person who is undoubtedly unaware and incapable of stopping that individual’s agenda, either by force or choice. I did not love others or myself properly because I was never shown or loved properly and for that reason alone I am sincerely sorry for hurting the innocent individuals who loved me despite myself.
I know this firsthand because I am a healed former domestic violence offender, abuser of someone’s child, abuse survivor, and neighborhood school bully! When we change the mindset of the abuser we will permanently eradicate domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying!”—A.W. Burgess, Founder & National Executive Director- FAMILY MANKIND™



A.W. Burgess is a healed, publicly admitted, domestic violence offender, abuser, and bully. He has used this platform not to call out or judge domestic violence offenders, child abusers, or bullies, but rather, to lovingly call them in to receive the necessary mental health solutions. He works tirelessly with evangelical organizations, corporate, private, and government entities and agencies, along with domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying victims advocacy individuals and groups to assist victims in reaching their corporate and personal initiatives. He is considered by many corporate and community leaders as a solution to domestic violence and a man who lovingly delivers peace throughout the world and an inspiration to humanity.
He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he is a 1988 graduate of the elite private McDonogh School. He has attended Oklahoma State, Hampton, & Old Dominion Universities respectfully. With a promising future in collegiate and professional sports, as well as incredibly rare career opportunities on the horizon, he went to prison at the age of 21 at the onset of his senior year of college as a result of domestic violence. After receiving a life-altering treatment in 1992 at the Central State Hospital, a penitentiary psychiatric hospital located in Petersburg, Virginia, he emerged from prison as a permanently disenfranchised convicted felon and a change agent charged to lovingly help domestic violence offenders, bullies & child abusers find the root cause of their violent behavior so they do not harm others, the community they reside, their families and their very own legacy as he once did with his very own life. By aiding the batterers, bullies, and abusers to find their mental wellness, he will consequently keep innocent victims from being harmed or killed, while also ending cycles and cultures of violence, silence, secrets, and generational curses in offender’s bloodlines. 
Today he is affectionately called The FAMILY MAN because he has been married for nearly three decades and is the loving father of 4 daughters, and 2 grandchildren. He worked as an Executive Manager with the Hendrick Automotive Group from July 1996 to June 2004. He went on to be the Chief Executive Officer of the A.W. Burgess Companies which includes the A.W. Burgess Companies and IMPACT Business Development Sales & Service Training. Since March of 2019 he has been the Founder and Executive Director of FAMILY MANKIND Inc. a Federally recognized IRS 501-(c)3, Non-Profit Organization that advocates for victims of domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying. He is a Domestic Violence Expert, Victims and Offenders Advocate, Speaker, Publisher, and Author. He has recently released the book The Family Man: Solutions To Permanently Eradicate Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, & Bullying.