Family Mankind is without judgment or prejudice, passionately “Calling In ALL Abusers!” We are not “Calling Offenders Out” because we know “Calling Them Out” only pushes them away from receiving critical mental health solutions, but also pushes them into harming others, and themselves, only to only perpetuate violence and continue the cycles and cultures of violence, silence, and secrets that decimate relationships, communities, and destroys lives, and legacies. This project is designed for customized individual 1 on 1 training and peer to peer group therapy sessions with domestic violence batterers, child abusers, bullies, and sexual offenders. We train and help individuals discover the root causes of their dysfunction that makes them violent, while providing them with new life skill-sets and healthy techniques of coping in any relationship. No individual was born to hate or harm themselves and another human or animal.

Domestic violence is a curable issue, but offenders must first believe they can change their mental health in order to permanently change their attitudes and behavior towards themselves and others. We rid these individuals of low to no self-esteem and insecurities that are causing them to perpetuate violence.