To permanently eradicate domestic violence (DV) and the remnants of DV such as child abuse and bullying by passionately working with DV offenders, child abusers, & bullies!

We work with and serve the most at risk and most violent, to protect and serve the most vulnerable and most innocent, saving both, and the community they reside, so that ALL citizens can be the most victorious in their one and only lifetime.

We are a black led, mental health, wellness, and human rights services organization, serving ALL communities. We work with and serve the most at risk youth, domestic violence offenders, child abusers, and bullies, to solve the complex, deep rooted issues surrounding many types of violence, that ultimately destroy the sanctity of families, the communities, and the legacies of those impacted by violence. 

We are focused on the personal safety of harmless, vulnerable, innocent victims, survivors, and the mental wellness and behavior of abusers. Our clients and customers are the abusers and violent offenders of innocent, abused, bullied children, women, veterans, aging adults, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and animals, as well as their victims and survivors of domestic violence, child abuse, and bullying! We take society’s perceived “Throwaways” and turn them into “Treasures!” Consequently, we restore equity to the community!