3DV Project


The 3DV Project

 Seeing Domestic Violence Clearly From the Victims-Victimizers-Villagers Communities’ Perspective

A proactive response to “The Chetty Study and Leading On Opportunity Report,” the Project addresses the generations of cycles of violence that underscores a troubling truth about Racial Segregation, Family Stability, and the U.S. criminal justice system: It is possible to get away with abuse if you strategically harm people whose lives are already devalued by society because of the tremendous remnants of slavery. 3DV gets to the root cause of violence with abusers and the solutions to overcome the violence. Our flagship Lifetime Mental & Behavioral Health Management program will save lives and legacies of citizens in our most at-risk Low To Moderate (LMI) communities and correctional facilities. Our victimizers transform from societies’ worst to community treasures adding value to their families and communities.